McIntosh Police Chief's Son Target of Excessive-Force Probe

McINTOSH, Ala. (AP) - Washington County authorities are investigating the son of McIntosh police chief Michael Barnett after a news crew from Mobile television station WPMI caught him on video Tasering then beating a man during a traffic stop.

The news crew was in Washington County for another story March 14th when they saw a police chase and turned their cameras on a police Jeep following a truck.

The video shows the truck pulling over and Blaine Barnett jumping out of the Jeep and rushing toward the truck.

Before the truck can pull to a stop, Barnett fires his Taser into the window and drags out Ronald Reed, pushing him to the ground.

The video further shows Barnett punching Reed in the head and slamming his face into the pavement.

Washington County District Attorney Spencer Walker told the Press-Register the incident remains under investigation.

Reed's father, Oscar Reed, says his son -- later charged with reckless driving and misdemeanor possession of marijuana -- was treated like an armed criminal fleeing a bank robbery.

Blaine Barnett had been working for a tri-county task force, but officials told WPMI he had turned in his resignation the day before and was working for McIntosh police.

A message left by The Associated Press with McIntosh Police Chief Michael Barnett wasn't immediately returned.