Democratic Party Responds to Siegleman Release

Democrats Welcome Siegelman's Release, Renew Calls for Investigations

Montgomery-Today the Alabama Democratic Party welcomed the news that former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman was being released on bond pending his appeal before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The 11th Circuit granted his release citing in a four page order that he had "raised substantial questions of law or fact" regarding his conviction.

Executive Director Jim Spearman stated, "This is the correct step that should have been taken many months ago by Judge Fuller.  Fortunately the 11th Circuit is righting this wrong."

In addition, State Party Chairman Joe Turnham supports the U. S. House Judiciary Committee's call for Siegelman to testify about the possible political influence within the U. S. Department of Justice.

According to House Judiciary Committee spokeswoman Melanie Roussell "The chairman (of the committee) has determined it would be appropriate to hear from Mr. Siegelman himself and believes he would have a lot to add to the committee's investigation into selective prosecution."

"Hopefully today's call for Governor Siegelman to testify by the House Judiciary Committee is the first step to investigate charges of partisan justice in the U. S. Attorney's Alabama offices.   The people of Alabama and this nation need to be reassured that justice is truly blind," said Spearman.

The Party is already on record calling for the U. S. House and Senate to conduct hearings into the allegations arising from the prosecution of Don Siegelman and later testimony by a former Republican political operative into what could be possible collusion between the White House and various operatives in Alabama.

"We renew our call for the U. S. Attorney General to name an independent investigation to look into these serious allegations of all current political prosecutions so as to reassure the people of Alabama that the justice system is not being influenced by partisanship at any level," said Turnham.