Editorial: Sex Offender Registry Oversight

It appears there may be convicted child molesters not listed on Alabama's sex offender registry or Web site.

We know the most notorious one is not because Leon Prince is set for a hearing Friday to explain why he shouldn't have to register.

He was convicted 27 years ago, served time and was released from prison nearly a year and a half ago.

He walked out of prison and surfaced a year later doing volunteer work with children at Mount Meigs Youth Detention Facility. He was not given a background check before working at the facility.

He was discovered and banned from Mount Meigs only after his victim reported him.

Victims shouldn't be responsible for tracking their offenders.

Systems seem to be in place to protect past victims - and potentially new victims - from these heinous crimes. We need to follow them.

And this particular individual should not be exempt from registering.