12 On Tour: Lowndes County Schools

Lowndes county has one of the most progressive rural school systems in central Alabama.

The superintendent says he's proud of recent building projects and a partnership with Yale University. But most of all, he says, he's proud of the work of his teachers and students. He talked recently with WSFA 12 News.

"What Lowndes county has to offer is this really nice rural feel," said Dr. Daniel Boyd.

But don't let that confuse you. Lowndes county is a school system on the move.

"We've built or renovated every one of our schools in the last five years," Boyd said.

"A renovated children's theater at Lowndes County Middle School has hosted four productions so far.  A new Head Start/Early Childhood Development Center is in the works. And existing schools like Calhoun High, Lowndes County High and Fort Deposit Elementary look brand new.

"At one time our buildings were heated with coal," Boyd explained. "Now we have energy efficient heat pumps, so we're really proud about that. We've also done cosmetic work on the inside and outside of the buildings."

There are more than 2,000 students in the Lowndes county school system and more than 300 teachers. While it's not easy to attract employees to a rural school system, Boyd says he couldn't ask for a better staff.

"We have good teachers, teachers who care."

Those teachers are even better, thanks to a partnership with Yale University. It's called the School Development Program.

"We have consultants come in from Yale to provide professional development for our administrators and our teachers," Boyd said.

That program will also help as the school system grows. It's expected to expand as Lowndes County attracts more economic development. Dr. Boyd says he's ready.

"If a student comes to Lowndes county, he'll receive a great education."

There are a total of seven traditional schools in Lowndes county, along with a vocational technical school and a Project Success learning center.

Reporter: Mark Bullock