12 On Tour: The Mosses Shrimp Farm

There are a few things about Lowndes County that may surprise you. One of them has to do with a relatively new commodity that's getting hot around here. It's pacific white shrimp that's raised right here in salt water by a man who's passionate about bringing a new way of living to his hometown. He thinks seafood may be the answer!

"They taste different...sweet juicy...countryside setting like this," says Lee Jackson Junior. His shrimp farm is not only a way of life but a dream ful-filled. Everyday he works on making this business work because he knows it can!

Jackson has already set himself apart from others saying, "I'm the only African-American...black belt region of the United States." The success of Jackson's business is a testament to his hard work and the hard work of those out in the community who help him get the shrimp table-ready.

"It has caught on...consumers throughout the U.S.," he says.

The folks around Mosses look forward to the harvest season, but some of the biggest fans of the homegrown shrimp live thousands of miles away. Jackson says the shrimp go like hotcakes, and this could be just the beginning for Lowndes County seafood.

"Not only can we grow many...their farming legacy," Jackson says.

Not one to take someone else's word Tonya Terry had to try them herself, and she was not disappointed! Right now you can only get this shrimp on the farm here in Mosses, but Jackson is hoping his business will continue to grow and you'll be able to get his shrimp at your local market soon.

In the meantime, though, he's just a few miles away, "The closer to the food source...it doesn't get any fresher," he says.

To find out more about these delicious shrimp call 334-563-7563.