12 On Tour: A Place of Celebration Found in the Marengo House

Every small town needs to have at least one place known for its spirit of celebration, a gathering spot ehere you and your children and their children mark the special occassions of life.

In Lowndes County the Marengo Plantation comes to mind. It's an old historic home that offers a walk back in time while pouring loads of joy into your present day. "Lots of weddings here, parties, gatherings...lots of joy... a happy house," says Dot Dickson of the Lowndesboro Landmarks Foundation of the old home.

It's a happy house nestled on some 22 acres in Lowndes County. Actually built in Autauga County and then taken apart piece by piece and moved to its current spot way back in 1847. "It was brought here from Autauga County on the river, each board numbered, all different pieces. It was disassembled then reassembled," Dickson says.

It offers a peaceful respite, birds chirping are a common occurance, and a place to gather with friends for dinner, a place where brides can getaway with friends before the big day and even a place where a ghost enjoys hanging out.

"It's never bothered anyone, may make the hair on your neck standup, I have heard noises," Dickson explains. Some have heard music that can't be explained but all agree the ghost just seems to enjoy the festivities.