Dothan Police Officers Shot in Armed Robbery Attempt

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Officer Arthur E. Schaefer III and Probationary officer Walter Ray Handley were on routine patrol early Friday morning.

They stopped at the Hobo Pantry on 2808 East Main street to check on the clerk and do a regular walk through.

However,  that quick visit turned out to be "anything" but routine.

When they walked in they were shot by a man who was robbing the clerk.

The officers, who were both hit, returned fire wounding the suspect, Andrevis Deon Davis..

"The way the officers handled themselves last night, goes back to the training and certainly they reacted very, very well," said John Powell, Dothan Police Chief.

Video surveillance shows the robber crouching behind the counter forcing the stores clerk and a customer to the ground, holding them at gunpoint.

Then you see the officers enter the store.

Seconds later the robber shoots the officers and they fire back.

All three were take to a Dothan hospital for treatment.

"Both officers got to go home, although the injuries were serious, they get to see their families,"said Powell.

"For every public safety officer at every level, whether in support or on the front lines I'd just like to say on behalf of the city commission and the citizens of Dothan, thank you all for what you do everyday," said Pat Thomas, Mayor of Dothan.

Police say Teona Sterling and Kira Watson were also charged in the incident.

Davis and the women are charged with robbery first degree, three counts of kidnapping and two counts of attempted murder.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis