Cemetery Robbers Busted Taking Joints, Limbs

Two Florida grave robbers took it one step further
Two Florida grave robbers took it one step further

Cemeteries have a become target of thieves in recent months due to the rising cost of scrap metal, with easy to steal flower urns being a particularly hot item.

Now two Florida men are accused of adding a gruesome twist to the trend.

Jack McWilliams and Vincent Paul Marlyne are accused of stealing the remains of prosthetic limbs, including hip and shoulder joints, from a Pinellas County cemetery.

Investigators say the pair stole more than $5,000 worth of remains from a vault used to hold cremated ashes.

Artificial limbs that can't be burned are often buried along with them.

The parts the pair stole were purchased by a scrap metal wholesaler and sent to Pennsylvania for recycling.

Fortunately, they were recovered before being melted down and were returned to Florida, where they were reinterred earlier this week.