Montgomery Hospitals Learn from Columbus Shootings

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -- It's a place you go when you're most vulnerable, where your safety is perhaps the last thing on your mind.

Thursday, a shooting in Columbus, Georgia claimed the lives of three people--including Peter Wright, a man police say was targeted by the shooter.

"[The shooter] believed 'Pete' to be an individual that did not properly take care of his 'Mama,'" explained Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren at a press conference Friday.

The shootings sent shockwaves throughout the medical community.

In Montgomery, officers met to discuss the incident and evaluate existing security measures.

"Hospitals, like most public buildings, are hard to secure because they have to have 'free egress' in case of a disaster internally--the doors have got to open," said Ed Alford, Director of Security for Baptist Health.

That's why they have metal detectors, cameras, even emergency call boxes across the campus--all in an attempt to keep it free from danger.

"We're like an insurance policy.  We're here in case we're needed," Alford said.  "Our first deterrent is an officer at a public entrance--that will deter a suspect.  At least he knows he's going to be confronted if he comes in with a weapon."

NOTE: Administrators at Jackson Hospital also tell WSFA 12 News the level of security hasn't changed on campus...but they do say officers met Friday to look for any areas that may need tighter surveillance.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke