Super Saturday Sweeps the Nation

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -- It's a time of year many of us dread.  With less than three weeks to go, pushing taxes off becomes less of an option--especially for residents looking to get a rebate check in the mail.

The IRS kept two Montgomery offices open for what the organization calls "Super Saturday," a nationwide help day devoted to taxpayers in their quest to cash in.

"We're providing a service to people who normally would not have a tax return," explained Voncile Catledge of the Alabama Department of Revenue.

While senior citizens, veterans, and residents on Social Security make the most of the help, taxpayers making at least $3,000 also came for assistance.

It's aide welcomed by citizens across the country.

"I think it's an excellent idea.  It shows that the government is somewhat interested in the population," said taxpayer Nick Parker.

Tax times can be tough--and in many cases, expensive--when you involve accountants or tax preparers to file returns.

For many people just looking for a rebate, however, those extra costs can cut into an already limited benefit.

"The maximum that they're going to be getting is like $300, so if you pay someone, you won't be able to use your $300 to be able to utilize it in whatever way you need it," Catledge said.

With a little help from Uncle Sam, taxpayers can take a breath--and wait for the refund.

"If it's there, I'm going to get it," Parker said.  "It'd be stupid not to."

Stimulus Payment Schedule for Tax Returns
Received and Processed by April 15

Direct Deposit Payments

If the last two digits of your Social Security number are:

Your economic stimulus payment deposit should be sent to your bank account by:

00 - 20

May 2

21 - 75

May 9

76 - 99

May 16

Paper Check

If the last two digits of your Social Security number are:

Your check should be in the mail by:

00 - 09

May 16

10 - 18

May 23

19 - 25

May 30

26 - 38

June 6

39 - 51

June 13

52 - 63

June 20

64 - 75

June 27

76 - 87

July 4

88 - 99

July 11

Source:  IRS

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke