Technology May Be Causing "Brain Blowout"

Too much technology may be cause for memory loss
Too much technology may be cause for memory loss

Remember life before e-mails and cell phones?

The hi-tech devices were supposed to help simplify our lives and give our brains a break by storing phone numbers and other important information.

But the real impact of all that technology is that we're now being overloaded with information and we may be actually losing our memory!

A British survey found a quarter of the people polled couldn't remember their own phone number!

Is there a way to find balance before the brain blows a fuse?

Work-life balance expert Jeff Davidson said, "We have a harder time because of the constant bombardment of things we need to pay attention to."

Davidson said that bombardment from e-mails, instant messages and phone calls can slowly take over our day.

Gloria Dunnavan's Blackberry enabled her to become the ultimate multi-tasker

Dunnavan said, "I was working 10-12 hours a day, working on Saturdays and taking work home."

"We must rule our technology, it must not rule us," said Davidson.

But where do you start?

Davidson's advice schedule pockets of technology free time starting the moment you wake up.

The same goes for the office, says Davidson, before you log on or pick up the phone, take a moment to focus on the two or three things you need to get done.

"If you'll just keep those in mind as you proceed throughout the day you have a better chance of actually accomplishing them," Davidson said.

Focus and concentration, not multitasking, are the keys to accomplishment said Davidson.

Goals Gloria finally accomplished when she retired!
"Instead of going to a meeting on my calendar is going to the pool!" said Dunnavan.

Davidson also recommends setting limits on the amount of time you spend answering e-mails and keep your replies short and to the point!

He says most of the pressure we feel to be "on-call" 24X7, is self-imposed!

Hi-tech living is also getting in the way of relationships and not just at work.

A recent survey suggests many people spend more time with technology than with a significant other.  
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