Covering Lee County: Auburn Students Shaken When Bullets Hit Their Apartment

Four roommates at The Reserve on South College Street in Auburn are packing up and moving out. They no longer feel safe at their apartment.  "I can't sleep in my room," said one.

The young women didn't want their faces or names revealed, but they tell us late Saturday night, as they were lying in bed, they heard gunfire. "I heard two gunshots," one recalls. Then came more shots.

The roommates took cover in their living room. "I was screaming her name and she was screaming mine. We got on the floor," one of the roommates told WSFA 12 News.

When the shooting stopped, they discovered several bullets had hit their building. Four hit the young ladies apartment; two came through their bedroom walls. "We were in the hallway crying," one of the young ladies said.

The roommates haven't spent the night at their apartment since the shooting and they already have plans to move to another apartment because there are too many memories of what might have happened at their old apartment. "It's the what if's," one told us.

The roommates and police tell WSFA 12 News a large crowd had gathered for a party at the complex Saturday night. Investigators hope someone at that party saw something. If you have any information please call Auburn Police at 501-7337 as they search for the shooter.

The managers of The Reserve apartments tell WSFA 12 News they're co-operating with police. The managers have asked for increased police patrols around the apartment complex.