Quarter of Alabama High School Students Admit to "Binge Drinking"

Auburn, Al. -- A recent survey shows that one-third of Auburn High School students reported drinking alcohol within the last month.

Now, community members want to bring an end to the illegal practice.

The survey also showed 24% of all Alabama high school students reported "binge drinking" and 12% admitted to driving a car while intoxicated within the last thirty days.

The city of Auburn held a town hall meeting to tackle the problem of underage drinking.

Perry Hinds, the city's Chief Probation Officer says, "If they're not going to take an active part in teaching their children how to behave and how to react to life situations, they're abdicating that responsibility to someone else. They [parents] need to be responsible for the most important part in their children's life."

The next step of the initiative is promoting the launch of a new web site for parents to share ideas and methods they can use to teach their kids about the dangers of underage drinking.