Editorial: Feedback

You had some pointed feedback regarding two recent editorials.

Regarding our editorial on bad bills being considered by the legislature, Charles Turnipseed e-mailed:

"Our state can counter bad legislation with good if we empower ourselves with the right to referendum-based legislation. Individuals in the House and Senate counter any requests for this tool of Democracy with the response that it is they who are elected to make laws... Candidates who clamor for the vote with paeans to their duty to serve the will of the people should be obligated to demonstrate it with creating this tool as their first act of business. Supporters of this grassroots tool must bind candidates to enable the voters of Alabama with referendum legislation. Or we can remain content with business as usual."

Regarding our guest editorial on noise pollution, Carolyn Hinton e-mailed: "I agree this problem has gotten so much worse in Montgomery. I wish this law was enforced more frequently. It is distracting to other drivers, and my children can hear the profanity in the songs being played."

And Tiffany Johnson e-mailed: "I agree that noise pollution is a problem that we are all dealing with in the tri-county area. The editorial called for all of us to turn down the volume. It also suggested that the police do not enforce the noise ordinance as often as they should. .. Everyone should keep their sound down on their own without the police having to tell them what to do. The police are busy enough without having to write tickets for noise."

We appreciate all of your feedback!