First Homicide in Henry County for 2008

Headland, AL (WSFA) -- Henry County Sheriff's Investigators believe Joshua Clark was involved in a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend Vickie Garrett Tuesday Night.

Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox says Garrett left the home Clark was staying in and went to another home where her cousin Dixie Wood was at.

"They had been together that day, alcohol was involved, Miss Wood was intoxicated," said Sheriff Maddox.

The sheriff says Clark followed his girlfriend to a house near by and knocked on the door.

Investigators say when the door opened, Clark was fatally stabbed in the chest.

"The knife punctured his heart," said Maddox.

Clark was pronounced dead at Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

The sheriff tells WSFA 12 News, after the stabbing, Dixie Wood ran from the home, but was picked up by sheriffs deputy a short time later.

"I'm not sure what her defense is at this time but she did admit doing it," said Maddox.

Clark was stabbed at a home off of county road six, but sheriff Maddox says Garret and his parents took him to the hospital not an ambulance.

"They were pretty speedy in getting him to the hospital, but I don't think it would have been any faster if they had dialed 911,  the ambulance get there, and then carry him to the hospital," said Maddox.

Wood is being held in the Henry County jail on unrelated charges out of Dale County.

She has not been charged in Clark's death.

Evidence in the case will be presented to the Henry County grand jury which is currently in session.

This is the first homicide in Henry County for 2008.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis