Former Governor Siegelman to Appear Again on "60 Minutes"

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA)-- A source at "60 Minutes" tells WSFA 12 News that former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman will appear in a taped interview this Sunday.

The person says the interview will only last just a couple of minutes.

Siegelman appeared on the news magazine show in February responding to a story about his corruption case.

He was released from prison last week on bond pending his appeals.

Rove Calls CBS "Shoddy Operation"

Meanwhile, Karl Rove is calling CBS a "shoddy operation" for airing a story suggesting that he influenced the prosecution of Siegleman.

He says the GOP campaign worker leading the accusation is a "complete lunatic."

In an interview with GQ magazine, President Bush's formerb political guru says he has never met Alabama attorney Jill Simpson.

She is a one-time Republican campaign volunteer who has claimed that Rove tried to sabotage  Siegelman's career.

CBS has stood behind the "60 Minutes" program from February inn which Simpson said Rove asked her to find evidence that Siegelman was cheating on his wife.

Siegelman was convicted on corruption charges in 2006.

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