Family Dog Runs Over Girl

April Fools Day was no joke for 5-year old Kalli Sipes. She still has tire marks to prove it.
April Fools Day was no joke for 5-year old Kalli Sipes. She still has tire marks to prove it.

You can still see the tire tread marks on Kalli Sipe's side, just moments after she returned home to rural Maryville, Tennessee from the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

Tuesday, she had an April Fool's Day that seems like a bad joke.

At the end of the day, the five-year-old sat with bruised lungs, a small puncture in a lung, and scrapes all over her body.

"I heard the engine running, and I turned around to look, and I just remember screaming, 'No!'" Kalli's mother, Keyna Sipe said.

While the Sipe family loaded their blue van with some scrap wood in the family's backyard, Widget, the family mutt, made a run toward the running Dodge Caravan. The driver's door was open.

"The dog jumped in, landed on the gas, the car door knocked Kalli down, and the van tire drove completely over her body," Sipe said. "It rolled from here, completely down her chest."

From there, Keyna Sipe took off to stop the vehicle that was still moving across the yard.

She says she finally stopped the vehicle by laying her hand on the brake.

Then, she called 911.

"Honestly, I just thought for a minute and prayed to God, 'Please help us,'" Sipes said.

She's not sure how exactly the vehicle changed gears.

She thought it was in 'park' when she got out of the van.

Blount County's Sheriff's Department confirms the story.

In their report, the deputy, Patrick Pearson says the dog hit the gas and sent the vehicle into reverse over the top of Kalli Sipe.

After a night in the hospital, Kalli was more camera-shy Wednesday than injured.

"Tell him you're tough. Say, 'It was rough, but I'm tough,'" Keyna Sipe told her daughter.

"Uh-uh!" Kalli replied.

While the Sipes say they were initially pretty upset with Widget, who is still a puppy, they're now ready to welcome him back.

"We're going to take him to driving school," Keyna said.

Kalli's ready to celebrate her 5th birthday, complete with a Hannah Montana birthday cake.

Tuesday, the accident put the party on hold.

Now, this April Fool's Day baby has a birthday story that she'll be able to tell for the rest of her life, even if nobody will believe it.

"Everybody gathered to sing Happy Birthday in the emergency room," Sipe said.

But there's no doubt that sweet tune will sound better at home, with the whole family singing along, even Widget.

"It doesn't matter how it happened, what does matter is that it did happen, and she's ok," Sipe said.

Kalli is expected to make a full recovery, but her feelings are still a little hurt toward the four-legged family member that could have seriously injured her.

"Because I hate him, because he ran over me," the five-year-old said.

Still, she says she doesn't want her family to get rid of the mutt motorist.