Governor Riley Goes to China

Governor Riley Goes to China in order to boost trade
Governor Riley Goes to China in order to boost trade

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Governor Riley will be on his way to China Saturday. He's leading a delegation to China to help boost trade between that country and our state. Companies that make and sell products from nascar merchandise to high tech chemicals will be flying out with him Saturday.

This is not his first visit there. This is second time the Governor has taken representatives from Alabama companies to China. Last year's trip was so successful he's decided to do it again.

This time he'll be carrying representatives from about 50 companies with him. The Governor says the whole point of the trip is to take advantage of the disposal income from a growing middle class in China."If you look at the growth of that market over there, there's nothing like it anywhere in the world. They're creating more and more consumers and I want them to buy Alabama products."

Mainland China is now the third largest trading partner for Alabama exports. The most popular items include chemicals, machinery and processed food.

First lady Patsy Riley and tourism officials will travel with the Governor. They'll focus ways to capitalize on Delta Airlines' new non-stop flight between Atlanta and Shanghai and draw Chinese visitors to Alabama.

Reporter: Eileen Jones