Montgomery Man Faces Life In Prison For Brutal Sexual Assault; Prosecutors Say Overdue

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- A Montgomery man prosecutors call 'the ultimate sexual predator' is headed to prison - possibly for life - despite the fact it's the first time a jury has convicted him.

Jurors found Matthew Browder guilty of rape and attempted sodomy Thursday, but those sterile words mask how brutal his crime was and how often prosecutors say he carried it out.

Browder paced anxiously for more than four hours in the Montgomery County Courthouse, an unfamiliar place and feeling for him.

It's unusual because someone else - twelve jurors - controlled his fate. It's unfamiliar because prosecutors say Browder is usually the one in command.

"He has been arrested numerous times for raping alleged prostitutes in the community," said Assisstant District Attorney Matthew Shaddrix.

In November 2006, a young woman was walking alone on Bell Street headed for a convenience store when a car approached.

She did not recognize the driver.

The young woman testified that when he pulled up, Browder told he was looking for a crackhead prostitute.

Despite the fact she told him she wasn't a hooker, he forced her inside his car and that started an hour long ordeal.

The woman says Browder took her to a field off old Hayneville Road, and forced her to undress.

"He showed signs of a clearly practiced rapist," Shaddrix said.

He commanded her to do several sexual acts including some so deviant we can't talk about them.

"He was very brutal. He had a pistol to her head," said the prosecutor.

He eventually took her back to Bell Road, where he issued a final warning.

"If she called the police, he would kill her," Shaddrix said.

What makes the courtroom scene so unusual is that it's the first time Browder has faced trial despite a long criminal record.

The state database shows a dozen violent counts against him, including rape, sodomy and kidnapping. But that's as far as the victims took it.

"They would file a complaint at the Montgomery Police Department, but when it came to the Grand Jury, they would not show up," Shaddrix said.

But Browder's latest victim was different.

Because she was not a prostitute, she had no reason to hide from police and she saw the case through to its finish.

What disturbs prosecutors most is why Browder told them he did these things.

They say he got a sexually transmitted disease from a prostitute and wanted to exact revenge by giving it back to others, which prosecutors say also endangered other people in the process.

Prosecutors weren't allowed to talk about Browder's previous arrests during the trial, but they can mention them at his sentence hearing.

Because he used a gun in the crime, he could go to jail for life.

Judge Gene Reese will sentence Browder April 24th.