Team Behind the Team: Biscuits Start Season

For announcer Jim Tocco and the Montgomery Biscuits, there's never a better feeling than on opening day.

"It's like you're walking down on Christmas morning," Tocco said.

The start to the 2008 season, however, is more than just a game.

Sure, that's what the fans see, but the work behind the scenes can make all the difference.

"Some people ask me, 'So you work for the Biscuits.  That's great during the Summer.  What do you during in the off season?'  Well, we have 25 full-time employees and it takes that many people that long," Tocco explained.

It's not just the people in the press box.  Groundskeepers, concession stand workers, and  retail managers get the season off the ground--all doing their part to prepare for a fifth year.

"We've been getting about six to ten boxes a day for the last three weeks," explained Monte Meyers, retail manager for the Biscuits.

With a strong demand--in Montgomery and elsewhere--for Biscuits memorabilia, the job can be busy, while the stadium is empty.

"[We've got] 30 styles of baseball hats, new women's products. [. . .]Everything you can name. We have a bunch of new products out there," Meyers said.

Though it may seem relatively quiet before a game starts, getting Riverwalk Stadium ready for business can become a full-scale operation--because as soon as the players take the field, staff members have to accommodate literally thousands of eager fans.

"It takes between 250 and 300 people to get this show on," Tocco explained.

It's an effort that leaves fans thankful for a home team.

"People just think that this kind of happens, and it doesn't.  The Biscuits deserve a lot of credit for putting on the show," said Montgomery resident Joe Scribner.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke