Woman Bites Dog

Amy Rice bit a pit bull.
Amy Rice bit a pit bull.

A Minneapolis woman says she did the only thing she could when an angry pit bull attacked her beloved yellow lab.

"At some point the pit bull's nose was in my face and I bit it," said Amy Rice.

Rice says the bite saved her lab Ella after the pit bull jumped a fence while they walked down a sidewalk.

"It was just instinct. I guess I would have put myself between her and the pit bull had I known the dog was going to attack," said Rice.

She was wearing headphones at the time of the walk and didn't see or hear the dog until it attacked Ella.

"She was just down on the ground, she was just screaming it was an awful noise," said Rice.

The pit bull has been quarantined by the Minneapolis Animal Control pending a ten day wait to test for rabies.

Officers say it takes about ten days to determine if rabies is present, and if so, Rice will undergo a post exposure rabies vaccination.

"I've imagined in my head before what I would do if another dog would attack my dog and I never imagined that's what it would come down to, but I knew I would do anything to protect her," Rice said.

Criminal charges have not been filed in the case.