Montgomery Biscuits: Five Years Later

It's the place Montgomerians go to see a good game of baseball.

Five years later, Riverwalk Stadium--and the Montgomery Biscuits--are going strong.

"It's been a great experience," explained Marla Terranova, Director of Business Development for the Biscuits.  Terranova was the first employee hired for the new team--brought in to help build the franchise from the ground up.

"We've really been able to sustain our numbers, which is great.  We've drawn over 300,000 people into the ball park every year since the opening season," she said.

Though the team became a household name, being a "biscuit" wasn't always a positive concept.

Residents scorned the name when it was announced in May of 2003, but over the years Montgomerians seemed to have warmed up to the idea.

"It was a shock to everybody, but I think it grew on Montgomery, and I think everybody loves the Biscuits now," explained fan Joseph Gibbs.

The revenue pumping into the city's economy doesn't hurt.

Today, merchandise flies off the shelves to fans in Montgomery and all around the country.

"We'll get five to ten mail orders a day, from everywhere--New york City to California. Every single day," explained Monte Meyers, the Biscuit's Retail Manager.

So after surviving four full years, winning two Southern League Championships, and dodging a little anxiety over the name of the team, the Biscuits seem to have successfully scored a hit with fans in Central Alabama.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke