Want to Maximize Your Tax Return?

It's tax time and Americans are getting ready for their annual visit with Uncle Sam.

This year a housing slump and fears of a recession have more people searching for tips on how to maximize their return.

If you've lost your home to foreclosure, take note.

"If you walk away from your house and the bank gets it back and they sell for less than what you owe, you will not have to report that on your tax return," explained "Mr. Money" mark Rothstein.

In the past homeowners who lost their property had to pay taxes on any loss incurred by the bank, but not this year.

Another big change: private mortgage insurance is now deductible.

"You do get to deduct it on your tax return as long as you are not making more than 100-thousand  a year," Rothstein explained.

If you did energy efficient home improvements, going green could mean more green in your pocket.

The IRS gives you a tax credit for things like insulation, eco-friendly doors and windows purchased in 2007.

The government isn't as giving when it comes to charitable giving.

The IRS is cracking down on cash donations and now requires receipts.

Finally, Mr. Money says it pays to file electronically because you can get your money faster and put it right into your bank account.

Experts urge everyone to file a return this year, no matter what your income level is, in order to receive your economic stimulus rebate check.

If you don't file you will not get your money.