Gas Watch: Saving Money at the Pump

Cornelius Hall spends a lot of time riding around in his truck and on his lawn mower. That means he uses a lot of gas.  He says, "I'm trying to save money."  That's why he looks for the cheapest price around town.

Hall has noticed how the price at one station can be a good bit less than another. One reason for the drop in price could be ethanol. Ethanol cost less than gasoline so stations can pass on the savings to customers.  At one Montgomery gas station that uses ethanol a gallon of regular runs you $3.15. Just down the street at another one that does not use ethanol, you'll pay ten cents more. Glen Zorn with the Center for Alternative Fuels tell WSFA 12 News, "It's normally a little bit cheaper than regular gasoline."

Ethanol burns more quickly. That begs the question: Do you really save money in the long run? Experts say, with a 10% ethanol mix, you lose about a mile or less per gallon.  They say that means you break even or come out a little on top.  "I haven't noticed, but I'll have to pay attention," Hall says.

Saving money or not, experts say because it burns cleaner and is produced in the United States, you save the environment and help the economy.

We also found stations that do not use ethanol, but are still competitive in price. To find the cheapest price in town, just log on to

Reporter: Sally Pitts