Florida Teens Video Tape Ambush of Internet Rival

At least eight teens are under arrest, charged with beating a 16-year old girl.
At least eight teens are under arrest, charged with beating a 16-year old girl.

Police in Lakeland, Florida are calling it an ambush.

A teenage girl beaten by six other girls and videotaped, allegedly to be put on the internet.

Now a group of cheerleaders and their friends have been arrested for the beating and could be charged as adults.

Authorities say for half an hour the 16-year-old is slapped, punched and screamed at  as the camera rolls.

The tape is hard to watch, and harder to believe.

Authorities say the portion of video they made public is not the worst of it.

"It's absolutely an animalistic attack.  It's a pack mentality, when you see what those young girls were doing to that 16-year-old, it's atrocious," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

The victim suffered a concussion and damage to her left eye and ear.

Eight teens have been arrested, six girls who were inside the house during the beating and two boys who allegedly acted as lookouts.

Authorities say they're told it all began online with posts the victim made about her former friends.

Many are even more shocked that the mother of one of the accused said the victim deserves some blame.

"I just don't see why she would do that, if she didn't have the nerve to back it up, what your saying," said mother Christina Garcia.

Garcia admitted her daughter should have called police.

Meanwhile police want the teens charged as adults, and plan to use the tape as evidence.

The youngest of the accused is just 14.

All could be tried on charges of battery and false imprisonment.