Local Restaurants Help Montgomery Cancer Wellness Foundation Raise Needed Funds

There's an easy way to help cancer patients in Montgomery, and all you have to do is eat at one of several popular restaurants!

The Cancer Wellness Foundation helps patients that are either under or un-insured with transportation, medicine, and social services.

Fundraiser organizers kicked off the event on Thursday morning at Chappy's Deli, and explained how it works.

"Through the entire month of May, several local restaurants will place donation cards in their menus," said Amy Crawford, Fundraiser organizer. "Then people can donate to the Cancer Wellness Foundation after they finish their meal."

Here is a list of participating restaurants:

  • Nobles
  • The Olive Room
  • Down the Street
  • Crockmiers
  • Chappy's Deli
  • Sinclair's
  • Silver Spoon Cafe
  • Lundees
  • Boomer T's BBQ