ProtecTV - Does It Work?

With kids out for the summer it's safe to say that most are watching more tv. But what are they watching? And what kind of language is that show using? If you suspect it to contain foul language there is supposed to be a way you can take care of it, that is if ProtecTV works. Television today, is not what it used to be, gone are the days when shows like Mash and Andy Griffith were dominating the airwaves. Today it's shows like "The Osborn's". If your a parent who's tired of foul language seeping into your child's television set or maybe you're tired of it yourself, there's a device out that claims it can filter out bad words or phrases, all you do is connect it to your tv through your cable box, vcr or dvd player. Here's how it works. After connecting the ProtecTV, it reads the closed captioning from whatever your watching, that's how it decides what words to block out. It's supposed to mute the detected ugly word or phrase and block it out with x's on the closed captioning. Does it work? We started the test with the popular movie American Pie 2, and it has it's share of bad words. We found a scene where ProtecTV should provide protection, and it did on that particular scene. It did it's job and muted out the dirty word... But just 30 seconds later, the protect tv missed one... a very bad word. And it missed several more during American Pie 2. We also tried it out on Cast didn't protect our ears from the foul language on that one either. Both dvd's had closed captioning so protect tv should have picked out the offensive words. But it didn't, and trust me we gave it plenty of offensive words to choose from between Cast Away and American Pie 2. So instead of spending $79.95 for this little black box, keep the cash and learn to eject that dvd or video cassette. It failed the does it work challenge. If you would like to find out more information about protect tv or give it a try yourself, log on to their web site at