College Class Takes Tour of Brothel

Going to a brothel for a school field trip?

That's exactly what students from a small liberal arts college in Virginia came to Nevada to do.

Eleven female students in Randolph College's Cultural Studies Program visited the Chicken Ranch Brothel Thursday.

They were given a tour of the place and listened to lectures from "working girls" on the business of prostitution.

Students said they enjoyed the trip and that it wasn't exactly what they were expecting.

"I think I'm going to take away the idea that these women are actually happy at what they're doing and the cultural idea that these women have been forced to do it isn't true," student Alex McKay said. "And these women have other careers and other lives and they're actually happy here."

Class instructors say the brothel fit in perfectly with their class discussions about society's obsession with sex and how women's bodies are used to sell items and ide