Circuit Judge Capell Retires

A Montgomery Circuit Court Judge is about to put away his black robe and gavel in exchange for children's toys and games. That's because Family Court Judge John Capell has decided to retire at the end of may to spend more time with his family. He has four young grandchildren and says he now wants to be a good grand papa.

Judge Capell has spent the past 12 years on the bench and says he will miss it. "What will I miss most? That's a good question and one I haven't even thought about. Authority doesn't mean anything to me anymore. A judge has to make some tough decisions. Probably, the thing I'll miss the least is not having to make those decisions constantly all the time. I'll miss the people out here the most."

Judge Capell's last day on the job is May 30th. No word yet on Governor Riley's choice to replace him.