Prostitution Round-Up In West Montgomery

7 Suspected Prostitutes Arrested In Two-And-A-Half-Hours In West Montgomery
7 Suspected Prostitutes Arrested In Two-And-A-Half-Hours In West Montgomery

Not a good day on the job for those who allegedly work the streets for a living. Suspected prostitute Mary Barnett claims undercover agents arrested the wrong person.

"He picked me up and said he wanted to get his groove on. I told him I didn't have no charge because it wasn't an occupation of mine."

Reporter Bryan Henry: "Why did you get in the car?"

"To go riding," said Barnett.

Misty Campbell wouldn't talk at all as agents led her to a waiting car. We also ran into a suspected prostitute who incriminated herself.

Photojournalist Matt Bamberg: "This is dangerous. Why do this?"

"Make a living," said Lisa Bishop.

So many do this to feed a terrible drug habit in most cases.

"You find those with bad family life and they end up getting on drugs," said Lt. Mark Drinkard with the Montgomery Police Department.

At least on this day the going rate was $30 for oral sex, $20 for sex.

"They'll get in the car. They offer sex and at that point we got them," said Lt. Drinkard.

Suspect Felicia Bittner is 21-years old and pregnant.

"Get that camera out of my face," Bittner said refusing to answer questions.

Another suspect was a 46-year old grandmother. Barbara Hall was the only one charged with a felony, promoting prostitution.

Reporter Bryan Henry: "What's your story?"

"I don't want to talk about my story."

Police say they know they won't close the door on prostitution, but refused to say they're fighting a losing battle.

"This is not a losing battle but a continuous battle. If we can change just one person, this would have been worth it," said Drinkard.

All of the suspects were picked up off Mobile Highway, an avenue of cheap lodging and heavy traffic. Businesses complained.

7 suspects. 6 misdemeanors and 1 felony. Time in jail and fines, but if history is any guide, more than a few will go back to the streets.

"It's sad," said Drinkard.

Also arrested for prostitution:

*Stephanie Lemons

*Sherri Wyatt

*Lisa Bishop

*Misty Campbell

Reporter: Bryan Henry