WSFA 12 News On Tour: Dallas County - Selma Reaches Success with Trust Builds Community Program

Trust builds a community, that is the message behind a program cleaning up and building up the city of Selma.

Nearly two years ago the city started the trust builds program, to help clean up neighborhoods and help out citizens. The city is divided into 6 areas. There is a liaison and police officer assigned to each area.  They go door to door to enforce codes, and offer assistance to anyone in need.

Sherry Williams is the director of Trust Builds Community. She tells WSFA 12 News, "If they didn't come to my door that day, I wouldn't be in school right now or a lot of them, I wouldn't have a job right now, and some I wouldn't have a place to live right now. Those are the type of issues we deal with and it just does the heart good when you hear someone in the community say, this house on the corner has been dilapidated for 40 years and we get it cleaned up in 2 weeks because we work the issue.  We don't let it go. We fuss with the mayor, the city council whoever we need to talk to because we are out there for the people."

Williams says other cities are looking to do a program similar to Selma's.