WSFA 12 News On Tour: Dallas County - Teacher Writes Children's Books

Dallas County is known for many people who played key roles in the civil rights movement, but it may one day be known for an author.

A local media specialist who works at Meadowview Elementary in Selma is writing about what she knows with hopes of helping our children find their way.  Glenda Davis has a passion for teaching. With close to 20 years in education, she has seen alot. She says, "Being left out is the most common thing I see happening, not fitting in, cheating, and bullies."

Mrs. Davis is taking what she's seen as the hurdles of young life and turning it into short stories about an 8 year old girl named "Lizzie".

Davis says, "I have 3 daughters, a sister. I'm familiar with problems little girls have." Her book "Lizzie's Life Lessons" tackles things like being left out at a pajama party and being afraid to stand up in front of the class among other uncomfortable but common situations. At the end of each chapter, you will find questions that help open the lines of communication between parents and children, and reveal it's your faith that will get you through.

So far this teacher turned author is getting a great response to her first book. It is so good in fact, she is working on her second, more lessons learned by Lizzie. Davis says, "My husband and I are having fun with it."