WSFA 12 News Exclusive: Victim Shaken after Home Invasion

Montgomery resident Elida Muñoz, talking to WSFA 12 News reporter Cody Holyoke.
Montgomery resident Elida Muñoz, talking to WSFA 12 News reporter Cody Holyoke.

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -- Montgomery resident Elida Muñoz remains in shock after two men broke into her home and robbed her at gunpoint.

"It was scary," she explained.

Friday, while Muñoz cooked lunch, her nephew opened the door at their Coronet Drive address to let in some fresh air.

That's when the robbers took advantage of the situation, barging in--with guns blazing--and demanding money.

"They pushed the door and my nephew pushed, and they showed their guns, and they hit him in the head," Muñoz said.

The robbers stole what little cash they could find--taking off toward Bell road.

The escape prompted a temporary shutdown of the Brewbaker campus.

"Any time there's a perceived threat, by our security or MPD staff, we're going to lock down," explained Mona Davis of the Montgomery Public School System.

It's a common tale throughout the City of Montgomery:  Hispanic victims, held up at home, with intruders rummaging through their house for cash.

"Quite a few Hispanics have been robbed because they carry cash and don't utilize the banks," explained Lt. Mark Drinkard of the Montgomery Police Department.

Not so for Elida Muñoz.

All she had on-hand was twenty dollars, but she says many people in Montgomery aren't so lucky.

"Hispanic people need to listen.  Listen.  Put the money in the bank," she said.

After a frightful day for the young mother, the door to her home will no longer stay open.

"It's locked now, and everyday I take my children outside to play with toys.  No more. It's too scary," Muñoz said.

NOTE: At last check, authorities have not been able to find the two suspects in connection with this case.  If you have any information, you're asked to call the Montgomery Area CrimeStoppers hotline at (334) 215-STOP.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke