Dallas County Known for a Famous Sauce

Alabama is known for its good home-cooking. Fried chicken and bar-b-que just a few dishes many people love and almost everyone has their secret recipe.   As the weather warms up...many of you will pull out your barbeque grills  for some out door cooking.   But, the next time you fire up your grill try cooking with some homegrown seasonings made in Selma.

They say it's the best thing since salt and pepper and just think according to Yvonne Thomas the idea for superior choice started when she started sharing dishes and recipes with friends. "We were tasting and one came back and said Yvonne, girl that's some good stuff! One said I had it on my chicken last night the other said I did have chicken I had it in my rice and beans she said girl that stuff is good and she said you should do something with that stuff."

Yvonne and her husband Willie Thomas turned that stuff into an all purpose sauce that's Alabama made  in Dallas County. The couple started mixing up their creation in 1984. Superior choice is made with all natural products and brewed to perfection. But, it's not the pots and fancy machines that make it special  the "secrets" in the sauce. "My wife does the other secret ingredient that the dog doesn't know says Willie Thomas.

From orginal, thick, smoke or spicy  you can pick up your favorite sauce at most local grocery stores but the Thomas' say don't think of this as just another sauce. "You don't have to run to the store because you're having fish tonight you can put this one there if you're having steak or doing a roast or your kids say dad I want a hamburger or hot dog you got it you can put this one there."  Willie said.   You can find Superior Choice sauce in Winn Dixie, Calhoun Foods, Wal Mart and some mom and pop stores.