Couple: Tons of Junk Mail Revenge for Their Religious Beliefs

A California couple has been overwhelmed with junk mail, not just dozens of pieces of mail, but thousands.

They say they're getting so much junk mail because they're expressing their religious beliefs.

"We had been looking for a place for quite sometime," the couple explains.

The Scholinks call their majestic plot, "Heaven's Way" and on a beautiful day Larry Scholink hardly minds getting the mail.

This is just a fraction of the thousands of letters that started arriving three years ago with a message on the mailing label: "Remove Scholink Bigot Cross".

"Somebody is very mad at God," Larry says, and very mad about a wooden cross of 2 x 4's on the Scholink's land above Carmel Valley Road.

It's about 12 feet tall, visible from dozens of homes in any direction, but no bigger than a flag pole.

Shonna Scholink says, "People's responses are, you've got to be kidding."

It is unimaginable. Someone keeps signing the Scholinks up for corporate mailings.

Their friends, employers and family became targets, also flooded with mail.

"That's unsettling," Larry says, "My mom's 85, my dad is 87. It's disturbing for them."

With all that many people might decide this is one cross that's just too much to bear.

Not the Scholinks though.

"There comes a point when you have to decide what battles you are going to fight. I am not taking it down"