Time Rapidly Running Out as Tax Day Arrives

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- April 15 is bearing down on the American people, and thousands are still scrambling to get their taxes finalized before time runs out.

This year is unique in that everyone should file a return, regardless of their income, if they want to receive a rebate check from the U.S. government as part of the 2008 Stimulas plan.

WSFA.com has an extensive section devoted to taxes including information for last-minute filers.

Click below for information to help you complete your returns and to find out when you can expect your rebate check to arrive.

Here at two frequently asked questions of the IRS:

  1. If I'm filing a 2007 tax return only to get a stimulus payment but can't file by April 15. Should I file an extension?

    No. There is no need to file an extension request if you are filing a return only to get a stimulus payment and would otherwise not be legally required to file.

  2. If I file my 2007 tax return after April 15, can I still qualify for a stimulus payment this year?

    Yes. As long as you file by Oct. 15, 2008, and qualify for the payment, you should get a payment before the end of the year.