Will Delta - Northwest's Merger Impact Montgomery's Airport?

It's soon to be the new power house of the airline industry.

Delta and Northwest are combining their resources to compete in an industry that's struggling.

While some have their doubts this new deal will take off the local Chamber of Commerce believes the sky's the limit with this mega merger.

Ellen McNair, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development says flights out of Atlanta are saturated and the merger could mean more national and international flights out of Memphis; pening a new gateway for Montgomery's newest feeder flights.

"Our hopes is it that they will expand the Memphis hub to provide an option for people not wanting to deal with Atlanta."

While Memphis is gaining momentum, Montgomery could move up from a feeder airport.

"Industry officials may think we have a good option gaining a Detroit flight; we were close with and it, and then it was off again and on again."

While Delta is promising to keep all hubs open, the concern of job loss, and the cost of flying are still top of mind.

"With the price of oil going through the roof and the airlines having to address that, it's a tough time for the airlines"