Auburn Stabbing Suspect Taken Into Custody

Jonathon Etterer (Courtesy: Lee County Sheriff's Department)
Jonathon Etterer (Courtesy: Lee County Sheriff's Department)

Auburn, AL (WSFA) --  The suspect wanted in connection with Wednesday's Auburn stabbing is now in custody.

Twenty year old Jonathon Etterer of Birmingham turned himself to authorities early Thursday morning and is now charged with 2nd Degree Assault.

Meanwhile, 20-year old Richard Straus is recovering from his injuries at East Alabama Medical Center where his condition is listed as 'fair'.

With the recent death of Freshman Lauren Burk still clear in the minds of Auburn residents, a stabbing in the college town deals yet another harmful blow.

"I walked outside..and the cops were below my apartment telling me to get back inside," explained Stuart Trowbridge, an Auburn student.

Just before noon on Wednesday, Auburn police arrived at the Edge Apartments to find a gruesome crime scene--and a victim clinging to life with the help of his neighbors.

"He was covered in blood from head to waist, and he [came] in and lays down," said neighbor Graham Cooper.  "We helped him in, and I grabbed a towel from the back, thinking we're going to get him to a hospital.  That's when the police showed up.

Police were in contact with Etterer's parents hoping they could help locate him.

"If we can get the parents to help out, that's usually the best route to take," explained Asst. Chief Tommy Dawson of the Auburn Police Department.  "This is an unfortunate situation for two families: first the family of the victim, of course, and secondly, [the family of] the man that stabbed his roommate."

Although neither the victim nor the suspect was enrolled at Auburn University, such a graphic crime still looms over residents on the plains.

"We're all out here trying to get a higher education and trying to enjoy the few years we do have left before joining the workforce, and it's unfortunate that things like this happen," said Joe Atnip, a Junior at Auburn.

Etterer is being held at the Lee County Detention Center.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke