Astronaut Touches Down in Dothan

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) -- Winston Scott is retired from NASA and the U.S. Navy, but you'll still see him in the skies.

"The flying part is a lot of fun, I still fly," said Scott, a former NASA astronaut.

In fact Scott and his wife flew themselves to Dothan so he could speak to students at Beverlye Middle School.

Scott hopes to inspire students to get more involved with math and science.

To let them know it's useful in the real world.

"I like to think I can be a positive role model, a positive example for kids today," said Scott.

Scott speaks to students through the program talent search.

It's designed to help disadvantaged children succeed in school and go on to college.

Scott knows the struggles, because when he was kid there wasn't anyone like him.

"There were very few people that worked in it, and certainly no one in my neighborhood worked in the space program, so I never thought I would be a part of it myself," says Scott.

However, Scott went on to join the space program. He was a part of two shuttle missions, flying on Columbia and Endeavor .

Scott logged more than 24 days in space and spent over 19 hours completing space walks outside the shuttle.

Even though his space days are behind him he says sharing them kids is special.

"It gets me out of the office, it gets me away from the mundane things of office work, it gets me into the school system talking to young people and that really energizes me," said Scott.

Scott will also be speaking to the Wiregrass Consortium at Troy-Dothan.

It's a program to help teachers with their math and science classes.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis