Auburn School's Physical Education Program Receives National Award

A Lee County school program is listed among the top in the country. The National Association of Sports and Physical Education awarded Ogletree Elementary with the Stars Award. The honor lists the gym class as one of the best in the nation.

The award is based on criteria such as curriculum, equipment and teacher student ratio, but Ogletree's curriculum is what makes them unique. "We play volleyball, we play capture the flag, we ride bikes, we run, we play football and we go on the nature trail and walk and talk and stuff, " says Olgetree fourth grader Natalie Stephens. "They're very involved and they're very excited about everything we do. No two days are the same and we never do the same activity twice. The kids just love it. They get to smile and learn activities they would never learn anywhere else," says physical education teacher Debrah McDonald.

Out of the 13 schools honored, Ogletree is the only school in Alabama to receive the award.