Covering Coosa County: Kellyton Residents Fight Quarry Plans

Kellyton, AL (WSFA) -- When residents like Denise Allred heard a quarry could be coming to their small community, they instantly sprang into action.

"We decided we would do everything we could to keep this from happening," Allred said.

The news rocked the town of Kellyton, where residents created a group called the East Coosa County Concerned Citizens--in protest of plans for a proposed multimillion dollar granite quarry.

"We have a very quiet community here, and we just feel like it's really going to change our way of life," Allred explained.

Thursday, at a public meeting for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, hundreds of residents spoke out--worried about the potential for pollution in the area.

"If this goes forward and I see that my children's quality of health declines, I'm going to have to seriously consider moving my practice," said Dr. Eric Tyler, a local physician.

Moving is something the owner strongly discourages.

"I've tried to encourage [residents] to go to some quarries where existing communities have thrived around them," said Bennie Nolan of Montgomery based Isaiah Holdings, LLC.

They did.

Residents prepared a slide show, illustrating the damage and pollution caused by nearby quarries.

It's an environmental impact residents say they simply don't want.

"We hope to convince ADEM to deny this permit," Allred said.

Either way, the owner of the land says he's not looking for a way to harm the area--or even start a fight.

Just a way to bring business to town.

"My father was from Coosa County, and I have no [ill] intent.  I want to add back to the community here," Nolan said.

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Reporter:  Cody Holyoke