Earthquake Hits Midwest; Felt in North Alabama. Video from Evansville and Louisville.

The U.S. Geologic Survey reports that an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 has struck the midwest.  The USGS Web site says the quake was centered near West Salem,
Illinois, or about 40 miles north of Evansville, Indiana.

Indiana State Police spokesman Sgt. Todd Ringle says there are no immediate reports of damage. Ringle says he was shaken out of his bed in the Evansville area by the earthquake.
The earthquake was felt as far north as Kalamazoo County, Michigan and as far west as St. Louis, Missouri, and as far south as North Alabama. It shook tall buildings in downtown Indianapolis.

Michael Hamburger, IU seismologist, says residents shouldn't worry about aftershocks. He says there can be a decaying series of aftershocks in lesser magnitude from the original earthquake. He expects a modest number of aftershocks over the next few days. Hamburger called it a "moderate earthquake" and said that an event of this size happens once every ten to 15 years. He also noted similar sized earthquakes happening in the past not far from the Friday earthquake's epicenter.

Hamburger says he doesn't expect reports of damage, "but you will get a lot of people who felt the earthquake."