Democrats Respond: "McCain Mystery Tour Highlights GOP Hypocrisy"

Montgomery, AL - Only in Alabama and in the accompaniment of Republican Governor Bob Riley could the national GOP and their apparent Nominee for President come off the tracks of reality so boldly to reveal their political hypocrisy of 'word verses deed'. The Time for Action Tour takes Sen. John McCain and the Governor to the Blackbelt of Alabama to unveil a similar 'new compassionate conservatism' initiative first declared from the bowels of the Bush run for the White House in 2000.

"These Republicans purport to be the champions of the poor in Alabama's Blackbelt but are the very ones who are denying our people with public policy that they deserve.  Just recently Sen. McCain voted against the renewal of health care for children in the Blackbelt by his opposition to SCHIPs reauthorization, and Gov. Riley opposes removing the state sales tax on food in the Alabama Legislature at this very moment." said Joe Turnham, Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party.

"In the wake of the public disaster of the Bush presidency, 'More of the same McCain' comes here to speak about empowerment to the very people he and the Republicans have continued to wreak havoc upon since 2003.  I think Alabamians have heard enough empty rhetoric and would rather not see what would be a virtual third Bush term," exclaimed Turnham.

"Sen. McCain should temper his visit with some reality and honesty about the plight of Alabama's and America's working poor. The George Bush budget deficit, trade deficit, endless war in Iraq and failure to address economic freefall in America should be confronted and repudiated by McCain and Riley in this visit if they want to win the hearts of voters in our state." Turnham stated.

America's budget and trade deficits are up, and the dollar is down. Gas is at an all time high and Exxon-Mobil, who continues to report record oil profits, is off the hook legally in Alabama due to a republican dominated Supreme Court which overturned two different jury verdicts. In addition, Gov. Riley has only appointed one black Voter Registrar out of 66 in Alabama.  Turnham suggested "it must be silly season in Alabama politics for these Republicans to talk about empowerment when it's obvious their words clearly don't match their deeds."

"As the Republican's return from the Blackbelt to their real roots at high dollar fundraisers, the reality of this same old tired GOP shell game won't be lost on Alabama voters.  They haven't missed the boat, but I guess for McCain, the last ferry left from Gees Bend a little early today," said Turnham.

Press Release from the Alabama Democratic Party