Strange Lights Prompt UFO Spottings in Florida

There's something strange in the skies over St. Augustine, Florida.

On Saturday night, locals say there was something other than an airplane flying through the sky.

12-year-old Brandon Puckett thinks it was pretty neat he got to see a UFO.

He and his mom, Laura, saw two identical orange orbs that appeared to be on fire.

She said the flaming globes looked as though they were traveling at the same speed, with one slightly ahead of the other, flying past the coastline around 9:00 p.m.

Some neighbors in the area say they saw the same thing.

Others are little skeptical.

They say the lights were sky lanterns lit at a wedding in St. Augustine that night.

Sky lanterns can rise nearly 5,000 feet in the air and travel for miles.

However, some do agree with the Pucketts.

Several people in Germany gave the same details about flaming globes.

They also saw them around 9:00 p.m., their time.