Drivers Start Receiving Red Light Camera Tickets

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Several hundred Montgomery drivers got a surprise this month when they found citations for running red lights in their mailboxes. In the first two weeks of operation Montgomery police approved 606 red light running warning citiations. The city says that number could jump to more than 800 if all the citations currently being reviewed are verified by M.P.D. Police rejected only seven during the first week, so it seems likely that the number will grow.

Which of the intersections with cameras had the most tickets? The westbound lanes at Vaughn Road at Bell Street led with 140 citations, while the northbound lanes of Ann Street at Highland Avenue had 96 citations.

All of the citations given during the month of April were just warnings. The real thing starts May first. The city now plans to add more cameras at the East Boulevard at Vaughn and Taylor road at Eastchase.