Former Daycare Owner's Defamation Suit Dismissed

Jannah Bailey spoke at Tuesday's ChildProtect news conference.
Jannah Bailey spoke at Tuesday's ChildProtect news conference.
CJ Williams filed his lawsuit late last year.
CJ Williams filed his lawsuit late last year.

Accused and later exonerated, there are now new questions surfacing about former Montgomery daycare owner CJ Williams.

A lawsuit filed by Williams against ChildProtect -- a child advocacy group that helped land Williams in court on child molestation charges -- was dismissed Tuesday.

It's been almost two years since Williams was found not guilty of molesting children in his care. A few months later, he filed the defamation suit against ChildProtect.

"I found myself unable to move on," he told us in late 2007. "There are people trying to ruin my reputation and trying to make false and misleading statements about me."

Soon after, Williams' lawyer filed a motion to remove himself from the case. And Williams himself failed to appear in court, leading the judge to call for dismissal.

At a news conference, ChildProtect's Chairman of the Board, Ed Reifenberry said he believes Williams didn't come forward because he knew he had no case against the organization.

As for ChildProtect's executive director, Jannah Bailey...

"I was relieved, not because I spend every waking moment thinking about it, but it was certainly on my prayer list every morning and every night," she said.

Bailey insists she never gave false statements about Williams, saying she only answered reporters' questions about child abuse in general.

Even to this day, she says she's sticking to the facts.

"The only thing I know about Mr. Williams is that he used to own a daycare in Montgomery. That's really all that I know for fact."

WSFA 12 News tried to contact CJ Williams to get his reaction to the judge's decision, but found his telephone number had been disconnected. Williams told us last year that he moved to Florida, but we were unable to find his address.

Reporter: Mark Bullock