Editorial: Legislative Power Grab

If you got a 62% raise this year, would you then ask your manager to let you work a second job and take time off to do it?

Legislators want just that and are upset that the new state school board policy will keep them off college payrolls starting in 2010.

Committees in both chambers passed bills to stop it.

The House committee even expanded double dipping to include all city, county and state employees, as long as they use paid or unpaid leave.

Assuming legislators approve it, a system where government worker legislators would essentially send money to themselves - and set their own hours in their government jobs - would begin.

Heaven help us.  Is it not bad enough we've endured numerous scandals with legislators double dipping at two year colleges in jobs that enabled them to be two places at one time quite a bit.

The audacity of power!

Please show some restraint and kill these bills!