Guest Editorial: Diverse Population

Guest Editorial                  Diverse Population          4-24-08

Parlez Vous Francais?" "Habla Espanol?"

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language on the planet and if you look at any product label now you will see three languages on the back - English, Spanish and French. As Americans, regardless of where you live, it is of benefit to gain a "conversational" understanding of those around us who may not speak English. Because of the Military, political and economic importance of our city we have a multicultural base that is composed of Asians, Hispanics and a variety of European Nationalities. I studied French at Carver and learned some Japanese from a friend while attending Huntingdon. Both have come in handy over the years!  Broaden your horizons and learn a new language this year. It will enhance your education, no matter how old you are!