Dothan's IT Department Could Move Into New Dothan/Houston County 911 Center

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) --  When the new Dothan/Houston County 911 command center is constructed, a fourth group could be making the move into the new building.

It's a move that could mean big benefits for those already planned to be located there.

The communications departments for the police and sheriff's offices; along with the emergency management agency are set to move into the new E-911 center.

Now, the E-911 board asked Dothan's Information Technology department to move in, too.

"To have an I-T shop in house right there with us, especially the back bone of the city right there with us, it would be an advantage to the communication center," says Major Nick Monday, with the Dothan Police department.

The new E-911 center will be built on city owned property at the corner of East Adams and Cherry streets.

"Like any growing business we are running out of floor space," says Major Monday.

Designs for the new communication center are still in the early stages and some architectural firms have already expressed interest.

"Hopefully within the next year or two we can have something concrete and really going," said Monday.

The city and county are talking with other cities that have built a consolidated communications center for advice.

In the meantime, no one is speculating on the cost of the new building and associated equipment.

Right now the city's I-T department is located on the third floor of the civic center.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis