Basketball Player's Death Hits Alabama State University Hard

Alabama State University Mourns The Loss Of Gifted Basketball Player
Alabama State University Mourns The Loss Of Gifted Basketball Player

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Never before has death hit so hard to Fredrick Franklin, Intramural Coordinator for Alabama State University.

"We were close. I had no problem with Deshean," said Franklin.

Deshean Porchea was a reserve for the Alabama State University basketball team. He was only 19-years-old. Classmate Cedric Adams says his friend was quiet but happy.

"It's sad. I just saw him Monday at class. I never saw him get angry," Adams said.

School officials tell us Porchea had just finished his second pick-up game of the night when he left the court momentarily to get a drink of water in the hallway. When he returned it happened. Porchea collapsed near the benches. There were 40 students inside Lockhart gym. One of them immediately called 911 but Porchea never regained consciousness. He died some time later at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery.

"We don't know what happened. He was healthy kid. He was gym rat and he was passionate about basketball," Franklin said.

Forensics conducted an autopsy on Porchea Thursday morning, but officials tell the family they won't know anything for a couple of weeks until test results come back.

Porchea averaged 2.1 points a game and he was a member of the Hornets team that won the regular season SWAC championship this year. Porchea was a native of Rochester, New York, but played high school basketball in Georgia.